Foundation RISC User

From 1999 to 2006 I single-handedly planned, edited and created Foundation RISC User, a CD-ROM magazine for RISC OS computers. It was published through RISCOS Ltd, whose main contribution was to handle the distribution. It ran to 20 issues on CD-ROM and two special compilations on DVD (the first compiling issues 1–16 and the second, around a year later, bringing together everything from issues 1–20). The first DVD edition was the very first DVD-ROM for the RISC OS platform. [Actually, there was also an issue 21 CD, but I had nothing to do with that, and probably the less said about it the better…]

There used to be an online sampler edition, to which my site linked. However, RISCOS Ltd appears to have taken it down. I might bring it back myself, should anyone express any interest at all in seeing it online again. (The only reason I haven’t done so is that it would exceed my web space quota and hence require me to upgrade my hosting account.)

As for the DVD edition, I’m not aware of its being on sale any more, but as its creator I still have all of its material.