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This site is under construction. The overall site structure can be viewed, and some sections and individual pages are complete, but there is a lot of work still to do.

Everything you find here should work, so feel free to explore; but please excuse the gaps! Keep checking back: once this opening page has vanished, the site will be considered complete.

At present, the following sections are ready for viewing:

  • Overall sections
    • Within the Personal section:
      • My Background Info page
      • My CV
    • (Latest addition) Within the DTP section:
      • My DTP Principles guide in PDF format (it is currently linked from the index and Sample work pages)
    • Pictures
    • Software
    • Web
  • Sub-sites
    • Foundation RISC User Online
    • The Huddersfield Singers
    • RISC User ...in a Nutshell online preview
    • SharpEye pages

There's little else to see in the other sections of the site for the time being.

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